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25kg Boric Acid Flake

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Discover the versatility of our high-quality Boric Acid Flake, suitable for a range of chemical applications. This product offers a purity and consistency that you can rely on.

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Choose Boric Acid Flake for a reliable, effective, and convenient solution to your chemical needs.


Step into the world of high-purity analytical reagents with our top-quality Boric Acid Flake, also known as Magic Fishscale. As a trusted provider of superior chemical solutions, we offer our pharmaceutical-grade Boric Acid Flake, perfect for laboratory and general use.

Product Details:

  • Other Name: Magic Fishscale
  • Assay: 99.9%
  • CAS Number: 10043-35-3
  • Appearance: White 3-5mm Flakes
  • Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Storage: Ensure Shading and Confined Preservation

About Boric Acid Flake:

Boric Acid Flake, also known as Magic Fishscale, is a high-purity analytical reagent. It is suitable for both laboratory and general use, making it a versatile choice for various chemical applications. The product comes in the form of white 3-5mm flakes, promising consistency and reliability in every application.

Our Boric Acid Flake boasts a purity assay of 99.9%, ensuring top-notch quality and safety. It’s meticulously tested and verified to meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

During application, it’s important to protect your eyes and skin from contact with the product in any form. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid handling practices that may lead to dust formation.

Experience the best of analytical reagents with our 99.9% pure Boric Acid Flake (Magic Fishscale). For a reliable, effective, and convenient solution to your chemical needs, trust in the quality of our Boric Acid Flake.

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  1. My results have seen a monumental shift for the better. Attribute it entirely to this product.

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  2. Every flake embodies excellence. Truly a class apart!

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  3. Every particle screams excellence. My top recommendation for anyone in need.

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  4. Consistent, but I’ve used better.

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  5. An epitome of purity and consistency. I’m genuinely amazed by the results every single time.

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  6. The bar is set with these boric acid flakes. They deliver, time and time again.

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  7. This product has redefined excellence for me. The results speak for themselves.

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  8. Purity and precision personified. Elevates the standard in its category.

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  9. These are precisely what I’ve been searching for. The quality and consistency are unmatched. Top marks!

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  10. Takes the cake when it comes to purity and reliability. My highest recommendations!

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  11. Exemplary quality! These flakes have enhanced the precision of my work.

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  12. In my line of work, I can’t afford to compromise on quality. These flakes have consistently proven their worth. Exceptional quality and performance.

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  13. The rave reviews don’t lie. These flakes have consistently delivered outstanding results.

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  14. This isn’t a mere product; it’s an assurance of excellence in a jar.

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  15. An epitome of what perfect boric acid flakes should be. Outstanding quality!

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  16. Does the job, but not the best I’ve used.

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  17. Their purity and consistency are unparalleled. Has my unyielding loyalty.

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  18. Every flake is a testament to unmatched quality. My experiments vouch for it!

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  19. Excellence encapsulated! Every time I use it, I’m reminded of why I chose it in the first place.

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  20. These flakes have revolutionized my work process. The consistency, ease of use, and impeccable quality make them an invaluable asset.

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